Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses
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H Frame 50 ton extra wide  with a movable workhead Powered moveable workhead showing the three postions All powered 3 axis are fingertip controlled Standard feature on all H Frame Press models is the Self-locking table design To facilitate work on long pieces this has open sides on this extra wide press Fingertip controlled cylinder activation Electric Baldor motor located on the back of the h frame press 50 ton with a movable work head Extra wide   Hydraulic cylinder end cap on the Flat ram nose on this H-Frame 50 ton press Optional V Blocks that are matched pair Photo of the foot pedal on this H frame 50 ton press Extra wide Hydraulic press safety kit for the 50 Ton Extra wide H Frame press 50 Ton H Frame press plate with movable workhead extra wide

Low pressure hydraulic system maintains lower oil temperatures, resulting in higher efficiency and safer operation.

We use large bore cylinders averaging 3,800 P.S.I. maximum pressure throughout our complete line of H Frame Presses. Most other manufactures use small bore cylinders
at 700 bar equal to 10,152 P.S.I. operating pressure.

At RK Machinery operator safety is our number one concern.