Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Bench Top Lab Press

RK Metalfab inc. has discontinued this model. It has been replaced with the HFP-30.

The entry-level H-Frame 25 ton bench top lap press is a highly functional and relatively small hydraulic press. This economical alternative to some of the larger, pricier models, means that there is a bench model hydraulic press at a price that is affordable for almost any company — regardless of size. RK Machinery’s slogan is “We build them your way,” and that is what makes this machine so special. There are numerous slight nuances that can be changed to fit the specific needs of the customer.

This H-Frame hydraulic press has a 25 ton capacity and also features:

  • A flat ram nose, with an easy-change capacity to accommodate specific jobs
  • Elevated safety mechanisms, optional FSG-25 front security guard that is designed to provide optimal protection for the operator
  • Electric hydraulic operation system, which produces a consistent and smooth pressing action
  • Open sides, allowing the operator to press long pieces of metal
  • The pump is designed for low speed and dependable operation

The machine has a variable speed ram that is fingertip controlled, making the press easy to operate. The more that the lever is engage the more active movement will be accelerated, ensuring that the operator has complete control over the machine for optimal results.

This press uses a low pressure system that is significantly safer than the high pressure systems on most machines. The press also features a three gallon hydraulic fluid reservoir.
All of the mechanical and hydraulic parts are standard, so they are easy to clean, maintain and repair. All of the parts are available throughout North America.

RK Machinery is a company that is recognized worldwide for their ability to manufacture highly specific hydraulic presses to meet the specific needs of their customers. They are also respected for the high level of quality of their machines. This H-Frame bench top 25 ton hydraulic press measures up to the standards that are set by RK Machinery.